Site Inspections


You may be wondering what should I do for my garden?  Raised beds?  Lawn?  Horse field?  Perhaps you have a large or complicated area you aren’t sure how to make the best use of.  Or maybe you can tell there’s something wrong that you don’t know how to correct.  Maybe you are in need of guidance on switching over to a certified organic operation.  Gary Kline, or one of his associates having specialized expertise, can make a personal visit and inspection of your project site.  An assessment and detailed analysis with recommendations will be given based on the visit and discussion with you.

The extent of our inspection will depend on the scope of your planned project and what you tell us you want to know regarding the site’s suitability for your project and the improvements you will need to consider in carrying out your plans, as well as other options that could work.

In general, we will cover such basics as a survey of your site layout; soil types; vegetation composition; health status of land, vegetation and animals; weeds and pest animal problems and control; livestock feed improvement; needed soil sampling (followed by an analysis and prescription report); management potential and recommendations for orchards, vineyards, pastures, organic fruit and vegetable production and other potential uses.  If you wish to have an inspection of your site, call Gary at (360) 943-5670.


Project Evaluations

A project evaluation builds on a site inspection and discussions with the requesting client.  It results in a written report and examines the potential of any planned project for viability or suitability in relation to the site’s capabilities and the skills and background of the client.  For an existing or proposed commercial operation or assessment of market openings, niches and alternative uses or operations, detailed recommendations are given.   

Evaluation reports are written to be completely understandable and so that the valuable information is retained for future reference.  There is a flat $100.00 fee for the typed report.

Note:  Site inspections and project evaluations are generally limited to Western Washington or one-day trips.  The fee is $50.00 per hour, including travel (one-way).  Meals and lodging, if any, are additional.  For locations outside Washington State or beyond a day’s driving distance by car, Gary Kline is available for telephone consultation.  You can reach Gary by calling (360) 943-5670.


BLOSSOM Consulting Fees Schedule 

Speaking and Lecture Presentations (per hour)

(Travel, meals and lodging expenses are additional)


Professional Soil Testing and Expert Understandable Analysis


Gardening, Soils, Nutrition Sessions (per hour)

(Generally one on one discussions)


Group Workshops and Classes (per person)

(Minimum group rate is $100.00)    


Lecture Texts, Notes, Graphics (per page)