BLOSSOM Era Arrival

A Future Fulfillment Vision


by Gary Kline


Eden represents a perfect Earth, a paradise.  A return to Eden would be marked by restored health throughout creation, starting with regeneration of agricultural soils to a state of ideal and prolonged fertility.  My mission is to create the ideal soil for growing the healthiest and highest quality crops.


What I am working on developing (and we could produce or manufacture) is the single most exquisitely comprised and nutrient-fortified organic fertilizer it is possible, yet practical, to make.  We then put that fertilizer into a highly convenient form for growing the healthiest, most nutritious crops and livestock ever made available for people to eat.  At the same time, this product would make the greatest practical contribution to the regeneration and sustainability of soils, essential for the long-term survival of human civilization. 


Nothing is as likely to promote peace among peoples as the achievement of food security, made possible through the employment of this product and the knowledge of how to duplicate it.  This is a tall order, but once that need is met, attention can be turned to re-establishing a pleasant living environment, an Eden, in which to enjoy and revel in our good health and reduced strife.  We can all once again know beauty and joyous living. 


The method for developing this superb fertilizer product is the bringing together of a number of successful techniques generally employed alone, rather than as a combined synergy.  A bonus and new dimension of this advanced product is the extra nutrient and moisture retention, plus microbial enhancement, provided by biochar, as proven with the rediscovery of Terra Preta soils created by an ancient Amazonian civilization in South America.  After centuries of disuse, Terra Preta soils remain highly fertile. 


Earthworms are essential to the creation of synergy from the combining of biochar, Sea-Crop and other minerals, beneficial microbes and perhaps mushroom spores, as key ingredients, along with various kinds of plant and animal organic materials (to include coffee grounds, manures and foliage of marijuana plants) that are fed to the worms for creation of rich castings as a magical plant food.


Without the incorporation of these ingredients there can not be the creation of excellent nutritional health as the foundation for the survival and prosperity of human civilization in harmony with nature.  The earth has to be remineralized and its soil organic matter or humus content restored using the aforementioned organisms and materials that are the agents for doing that.  It is known that such minerally-augmented organic soils and the soil organisms they support are also effective in the cleaning up or sequestering of toxic chemicals, as well as sequestering of carbon for the reduction of “greenhouse” gases.  Additionally, the use of most pesticides can be safely discontinued as unnecessary.  When our depleted and degraded soils are brought into full nutrient balance, all manner of blessings will flow.  Let’s go to work.


 © 2013 Gary L. Kline

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