Individual (One-on-One) and Small Group Sessions


If you or a small group (up to four people) would like to get a fuller picture on mineralized organic growing or orientation on how to proceed with soil building, what to plant and when, or with understanding the link and continuum from soil to superb health, you can visit Gary at his office.

Gary draws upon his 34 years of managing one of the earliest full-service organic gardening stores in Washington, answering countless thousands of garden questions and presenting advanced gardening techniques in a series of classes based on his extensive research into ecological agriculture and related fields.

In addition to sessions on gardening and soils, Gary offers sessions on personal nutrition, drawing upon his personal experiences, studies and nutrition classes taught at Black Lake Organic for two years.  If you are unable to come to the BCS office, telephone consultations can also be arranged.  To schedule a session with Gary, please call him at (360) 943-5670.


 BLOSSOM Consulting Fees Schedule 

Speaking and Lecture Presentations (per hour)

(Travel, meals and lodging expenses are additional)


Professional Soil Testing and Expert Understandable Analysis


Gardening, Soils, Nutrition Sessions (per hour)

(Generally one on one discussions)


Group Workshops and Classes (per person)

(Minimum group rate is $100.00)    


Lecture Texts, Notes, Graphics (per page)