Most recently Gary has brought together several advanced soil and nutrient enhancement methodologies into one integrated agronomic system which he has named Nutri-Culture. This new system builds on and extends Gary’s original concept of Mineral-Augmented Organics. It is described and explained in two parts; an article and a lecture.

This trail-blazing, holistic concept and methodology is described in an October 2015 article titled “Nutri-Culture: What It Is and What It Can Do”,  found in the Resources section under Articles. That article gives the flavor of the Nutri-Culture concept in the context of global needs of agricultural sustainability and alternative approaches to conventional chemical farming and gardening.

The contents or inside scoop and details of Nutri-Culture practices are provided in a special two-hour lecture and visuals presentation titled “Nutri-Culture: The Ultimate Agronomic System, for which there is a summary given below.  For details on scheduling or attending Gary’s information-dense and entertaining presentation, go to the Lectures and Workshops section under Notice.



Nutri-Culture: The Ultimate Agronomic System

by Gary Kline


Could a single and comparatively simple agronomic system be devised which adequately serves for production of highly nutritious crops of nearly every sort regularly grown in soils of the temperate and tropical regions?


I believe the best principles and practices of Ecological Agriculture, old and new, can be woven together to do just that and thereby make the agriculture of the future not only much easier to carry out, but also truly sustainable for centuries to come. It’s time we got onto this system, which I have christened Nutri-Culture. Nutri-Culture is the superior way to grow assuredly nutrient-dense food. It enables farmers, gardeners and all of society to enter a transformatively radiant era of abundance, regeneration and harmonious living that I have termed The BLOSSOM Era. Nutri-Culture not only answers the need to feed all people well, it has multiple ramifications that aid in resolving a number of other major societal and environmental problems and quandaries ranging from soil deterioration to global warming. The end goal is restoring health to people and our planet.


Years of studying the writings of the giants of Ecological Agriculture and their disciples has led to recognition of common themes and compatible concepts that together comprise a comprehensive system and answer to the age-old quest for the best and most reliable method of growing the foods that nourish and sustain us. There is no greater concern and urgent priority for our species. Conscientious gardeners and farmers hopefully will lift their gaze beyond their backyard and back forty to help spread the news of their successes in using the Nutri-Culture system that is fully set-out in my two-hour long visual presentation by the above title.


Numerous methods of land treatment and farming have been practiced down through the centuries around the world with greater and lesser success and often through the vagaries of harsh weather. In just the last century a pervasive mechanized form employing synthetic chemicals and such techniques as hybridization and genetic modification of seeds has come to dominance in Europe, North America and elsewhere. This has led to large-scale deterioration or destruction of arable lands accompanied by environmental pollution and contamination of the foods most of us eat. It has also left us with nutrient-impoverished soils, thereby leading to malnutrition and widespread physical degeneration owing to steadily deteriorating nutritional content in the foods produced on those degraded soils.


All along, however, there have been farmers and gardeners who have sought, and often succeeded, in growing food by less destructive and more ecologically-compatible methods, most notably organiculture. While these alternative methods or agronomic systems are still in the minority, their adherents are rapidly growing in number contemporaneously with rising public awareness and concern for environmental protection, rampant degenerative diseases and lowered food quality, owing to soil depletion, artificial processing and other factors. This situation does not need to continue and Nutri-Culture goes a long way in redressing those planetary ills, including the near total elimination of pesticides through building resistance and health into crops and livestock with soil nutrient balancing. A further innovative component is incorporation of biochar.


Nevertheless, it may be said that the various existing alternative growing systems generally fall short of being complete in terms of optimal plant nutrition and, consequently, highest nutritional quality or nutrient density needed to achieve excellent health in the animals or livestock and humans who consume crops grown by such methods. In my view, organiculture, as usually practiced, is flawed and cannot furnish fully-nutritious food, and thus will not suffice to get us to the truly sustainable and health resurrecting food system required for going forward in Century 21 and beyond. Survival of the human race is at stake if we do not soon adopt the more nutritious and sustainable system of food growing and reformed diet which Nutri-Culture provides.


An advanced, superior crop growing system, combining four major system concepts and components with their identified characteristics and multiple, synergistic benefits is presented in the lecture program. It is offered as a beginning basis or contribution toward development of a universal, ultimate agronomic system. The hope is that such a model will enable an urgently needed giant leap forward into a bright new era. Reader and viewer comments and criticisms are invited with the goal of perfecting this model for simplified, universal application.


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