Lecture and Workshop Presentations


 Gary Kline is known for his enlightening and highly informative talks and speeches, delivered with a sprinkling of wry humor and thought-provoking commentary.

Gary has given numerous lectures at local colleges on the full gamut from soils to the degenerative disease epidemic, to dietary remedies leading to superb health.  He has given many talks on all aspects of soil and fertility health, nutritional pest control and crops or ornamental plant growing techniques to garden clubs and to classes he organized.  In the follow-up question sessions he is especially effective at engaging his audience and providing clarifying explanations and answers to questions posed to him.




 Nutri-Culture: The Ultimate Agronomic System is Gary’s crowning culmination and synthesis of more than 30 years of studying various practices and assessing numerous old and new alternative methodologies for growing the healthiest and best producing plants and crops, as well as livestock.

 The Nutri-Culture system integrates the most advanced and promising techniques and Gary puts them forward in a uniquely insightful, understandable and memorable “take home” form. This is the very best, condensed, yet comprehensive presentation you will find anywhere on how to grow the most nutrient-dense foods and gain the optimum achievable health from your own endeavors in your garden or the back 40 acres.


If you would like Gary to speak at your event, call to schedule at (360) 943-5670.


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