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BLOSSOM Consulting Services is located near Olympia, Washington, three miles south of Highway 101 on Black Lake Boulevard.  We are in a small office just behind Black Lake Organic Nursery at 4711 Black Lake Boulevard, Olympia, WA  98512.  (From I-5 take exit 104)

Our hours are 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM from Tuesday through Saturday, and afternoons by appointment.  It is best to call ahead in any case.  Our phone number is (360) 943-5670 and our email address is


About Us


Gary Kline is the founder and former owner of Black Lake Organic Nursery and Garden Store, started in 1980.  He is now owner of BLOSSOM Consulting Services, begun in February 2015.  In his consulting capacity Gary collaborates with a number of associates specializing in different aspects of horticulture, soils, nutrition and related fields with whom he has developed close ties over the years. 

 Gary trained in biology and has degrees in biology and wildlife management.  For ten years he worked as a fisheries and wildlife biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, mainly in Western Washington.  He was active as a campus leader in the first Earth Day awareness campaign in 1970. He is a life-long conservationist.

 From an early interest in estuarine productivity and ecology and in organic gardening he developed a strong interest in soil dynamics and fertility, which he has researched since 1980 and most intensively since the mid-1990s.  From the beginning his aim was learning how to grow the best, healthiest plants and food crops using all natural materials and organic methods while minimizing environmental harm.

 Around the year 2000, and after much study in the area of Ecological Agriculture, Gary arrived at the realization that supplying nutrient minerals was as essential to full fertility as applying organic matter (compost, manure, etc.) and this was a dimension  largely missing from conventional organic gardening and farming.  He thus devised the term “Mineral-Augmented Organics” and began a campaign to make gardeners aware of the necessity to combine natural minerals with customary organic fertilizing ingredients for best plant performance.

 Gary’s extensive research in soils and fertility took him into areas of animal and human nutrition and the connection of the whole spectrum from soil health to personal health, diet and disease prevention.  In addition to doing soil test analyses, Gary has given lectures at local colleges and talks to numerous gardening clubs.  He has also hosted and taught several advanced gardening classes.  In addition, he has written over 100 articles on these inter-related subjects (some of which can be found in our resources section of the website), thereby gaining considerable recognition for his knowledge and his ability to communicate it --- always with the aim of helping gardeners succeed and providing pointers for how we can create a better world.


Entering The BLOSSOM Era

 The unique contribution that BLOSSOM Consulting Services brings to gardening and farming is advice and guidance combining the essential dimension of minerals to organic soil treatment leading to ideal nutrient balance so essential to the growing and raising of nutrient-dense foods upon which superb health is necessarily founded.

 The broader mission of BLOSSOM Consulting Services is to assist materially in changing the course of agriculture and horticulture onto an assured, sustainable and sane path for Century 21 and beyond.



Concepts and Products 

For Achieving Real Sustainability



              • Agriculture’s sane future path 
              • Far beyond ordinary Organics 
              • Adding the Mineral dimension 
              • Creating ideal nutrient balance through soil analysis 
              • Growing highest nutrient-denseflavorful foods 
              • Striving for maximal health 
              • Restoring and improving soils 
              • Safeguarding Earth’s environment 
              • Aiding a return to the land 
              • Fostering food self-sufficiency worldwide