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 Welcome to BLOSSOM Consulting Services!  We hope you will enjoy browsing through our website and find a lot of useful information and resources here.  You can find detailed information about our services and fees online on our Soil Testing, Site Inspections, Lectures & Workshops, ... etc. webpages or you can contact us for further assistance.

Are you…

Interested in growing the highest quality, nutrient-dense and flavorful foods?  Are you striving for maximum health?  Is your garden plagued by weeds, insects and disease?  Did you wonder why your garden, your lawn or pasture petered out over the years?  We can help fix that.  In all likelihood what is missing is a proper balance of mineral nutrients in your soil.

 Mineralizing is an aspect of growing both food crops and ornamentals that most garden centers, advisors and fertilizer dealers, as well as gardeners and farmers themselves, know very little about and are unable to address on their own.  Generally, the advice in gardening books and magazines and the lore of conventional organic growing has completely missed this essential mineral message.

 BLOSSOM Consulting Services (BCS) specializes in creating and restoring soil health, which is the basis of all health, from microbes to man.  Whether you have a small backyard garden, a languishing lawn, or a thousand-acre ranch, BLOSSOM Consulting is equipped to provide expert advice and guidance on the best management of your land for your specific objectives, and will surpass your expectations of the help and insight you expect to receive from consultants.

 Why Hire BCS?

Gary Kline, owner of BLOSSOM Consulting Services, is an expert on organics and improving soils through mineral balancing.  Gary has provided gardening and soil building and balancing advice to thousands in the Puget Sound region and around the country.  He has received hundreds of testimonials from pleased customers.  We offer complete, comprehensive and understandable soil testing and analysis, project site inspections and site evaluation reports.  Also offered are speaking engagements, workshops for larger groups, one-on-one sessions, plus telephone and office consultations.  These different offerings are described more fully in the site pages to the left.  A schedule of consulting fees is also provided on these other pages.

 Through his 34 years of experience managing Black Lake Organic Nursery and Garden Store, and from several years of researching and critically studying what it takes to grow the healthiest, top quality plant, Gary has come up with the answers and put them into practice in developing superior fertilizer blends, garden soils and outstanding potting media.  Gary has extensive knowledge in the rapidly emerging field of Ecological Agriculture, which he has combined with other studies in the development of a comprehensive and holistic perspective and approach to growing healthy plants and animals for attaining optimal personal health.

Though trained as a biologist and self-educated in the field of soils and fertility, it was only after intense studies of nutrition, alternative medicine and other subjects that he concluded these things are all inter-related on a common health theme that runs throughout nature and throughout properly conducted agriculture.

The solution to nearly all problems and concerns you encounter in gardening or farming lies in correctly balancing the nutrition of your soil.  Superior health starts in the soil and, in fact, can come only from nutrient-balanced soil.  Our philosophy and approach stems from this fundamental premise.  We have seen it work over and over.

Gary is fortunate in his wide range of consulting and educating activities to be able to collaborate with several independent Associates having specialized knowledge in various aspects that make up the package of services offered by BCS.  This network of Associates developed over the years from a shared interest in delving into and discerning answers to the key questions of agronomy for assisting gardeners and farmers to be successful in their use of advanced, effective  and earth-friendly methods for growing superior crops and livestock. In addition to extensive advice on all aspects of gardening and nutrition that reduce trips to the doctor, BCS can provide expert advice on how to restore or upgrade the health of your livestock, thereby greatly reducing veterinary bills.

These same methods, practiced widely, will move us into the era of agricultural sustainability that must come.  We have pulled together very important and urgently needed information and procedures that need to get out into the world.  All of us associated with BCS are united in the broader mission of restoring and improving soils, promoting health and fostering food self-sufficiency worldwide.  To do this necessitates that we go beyond ordinary organics and add the dimension of minerals, so indispensable to having nutrient-dense food and vibrant health.  This ecological, alternative approach by BCS, while not yet well-known or easily understood, is being proven to work wherever implemented all around the world.  Let us bring it to you.